About managerment: Institutionalized constraints humanistic communication

Senhai company considers the Enterprise Culture as the highest level of managerment. The company reaches a consensus with employees on company values、corporate philosophy etc.by human communication., so as to make staff have the spirit of “love the factory.love the work”..At the same time, through the institutionalization of the company's management to achieve the goal of ensuring the company's plans completed on schedule.

About teamwork: teamwork as supremacy trust and collaborate

The team spirit is as the core of staff cooperation in the process of company's goal implementation。Each member of the team, regardless of their position, are entitled to express their opinions directly in their views, and in the process of implementing fairs, all of the teamworkers are members of co-ordination to you. thus they can enable the work of more targeted and the program of more optimization. 

About talent: suitable people do their suitable things

As for picking and choosing talents,senhai company always considers practicality as its starting point. The person who is chosen by us is not only outstandingt, but also identified with company's corporate culture..They promote company in a maximize way,and at the same time, company also provids them with most suitable environment for their development, so that we can ensure: suitable people do their suitable things.

About service: reputation as supremacy client’s firs

Senhai company gives full consideration to the different needs of customers, and extend the service to pre-sales,and consider"customer satisfaction" as buyers’ commitment At the same time,Senhai does its utmost to meet the buyers’ needs to make their ideal and pursuit into reality.

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